Students Gather Donations for Hurricane Relief

In light of the tragic storms that ravaged the Caribbean and parts of the U.S. this hurricane season, much is being done to offer aid wherever it’s needed. Private relief efforts  have proven to be a main source of donations to help to those in need. While large organizations like UNICEF and the American Red Cross accept donations, smaller and more private parties have chipped in to help any way they can. Whether celebrities like JLo and Beyonce, or college football teams like University of Miami and Florida Atlantic University, people all over want to help.

Members of the York Prep community feel the same way. After Hurricane Harvey struck the coast of Texas on Saturday, August 25, Hurricane Irma made landfall in the Caribbean on Wednesday, September 6. Both storms caused so much devastation that a star studded Hand In Hand telethon ran on every broadcast network raising $14 million in the first hour but approximately $44 million in total to benefit victims. The very next day, York Prep launched it’s own drive to provide aid to the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

The York Prep Community adopted a high school in the Houston area. This partnership is intended to last as long as assistance is needed but the hope is that it will turn into a long lasting friendship as well.

Our adopted school, Stephen F. Austin High School, specializes in maritime and teaching professions. The principal indicated that they were in need of clothes, toiletries, and gift/gas cards. Once the announcement went out the donations came pouring in. Since the first collection boxes were placed in the lobby, eleven have already been shipped off.

Needless to say, school officials are impressed by the outpouring of compassion demonstrated by our students and their families as the donations continue to come in. We look forward to further efforts to send aid to the victims of hurricane destruction, especially the people of Puerto Rico. Stay tuned for ways you can help too!