Students Attend Maxine Hong Kingston Talk

Ms. Leah Umansky’s English 8-H class was grateful to be a part of the Great World Texts reading on April 9 with famed author of The Woman Warrior, Maxine Hong Kingston, as part of the Gallatin School of Individual Study at New York University.

The York Prep class was the only middle school class at the reading, as the event was specialized for three NYC public high schools affiliated with the Great World Texts program.

Audience members enjoyed hearing Kingston discuss parts of her book, which was followed by a question-and-answer period. Ms. Umansky’s students also appreciated hearing the high school students’ questions for Kingston. They got to see the “real life author” and to compare her to the character-version of herself in her memoir.

In her discussion, Kingston highlighted three major themes she felt were important for students to relate to: race, diversity, and bullying. Her discussion helped students reflect on their own lives as teenagers in America.

Kingston ended her discussion focusing on the importance of the imagination and how all of us need to make more time to imagine in our daily lives. Clearly, the imagination has been a powerhouse for Maxine Hong Kingston.