Students at York Prep enjoy a day at Tibbet’s Park

The York Prep community came together to celebrate the start of another great year with our annual Fall Field Day at Tibbetts Brook Park. Thanks to the great planning and enthusiasm of the faculty and students, the day was a success from top to bottom.

Giant inflatables were ready and waiting when the students arrived. Due to the amazing weather, those who did not partake in the inflatable bonanza were able to enjoy the nature hikes and scenic views that are available this time of year.

When the sun was high enough in the sky and lunch had finished, dessert pulled up in the form of a Mister Softee truck. As expected, the faculty members were just as eager for a sweet treat as any of the students.

Every so often, as it is in life, we must take the time to unwind and be reminded of life outside of our academic achievements and our students truly enjoyed a day outside of the classroom. Whether listening to music or playing sports with their friends and teachers, it was a fun time for all.