Spring Season Sports

The York Prep athletic department is currently enjoying a great spring season. We are fortunate to have so many terrific facilities that allow us to establish and build our programs. Our coaching staff is extremely loyal and dedicated, and the athletes love the highs (and even the lows) that come from playing on a team. Here’s what the Panthers have been up to:


Middle-School Baseball

At their first game of the season, the middle-school boys and girls looked competitive. Although they are a scrappy, young team of players, they united together and executed fundamental baseball skills in their first outings. Coach Linder hits a home run when he coaches the kids and teaches them techniques.


Boys Varsity Baseball

The boys are off and swinging with a record of 3-1. Assistant Coach Mendez (who played in the minor leagues with the Yankees and Mets) has been a great addition. His enthusiasm and knowledge of the game motivates and inspires our players, who often practice on Roosevelt Island. This year’s team has good depth and holds the promise of a brilliant future.



Our golf team tees up once a week at the Chelsea Piers Golf Academy. Coach Stark and her crew enjoy their time hitting shots and will compete in two intramural golf matches this season at Split Rock Golf Club.



Every Friday afternoon, our club swims alongside two neighboring schools at the Asphalt Green Aqua Center in a section reserved just for our students. The facility is gorgeous, and you can always find York swimmers with their with their royal blue swim caps being guided by Coach Mordos.



We are continuing to build up our tennis program at York. Recently, we found a home at the Tennis Port, where Coach Minaudo does a great job with the students. They’ll undoubtedly be aces in no time.


Varsity Track and Field

It is evident that our winter indoor track season has laid the foundation for a terrific season. The team is young, primarily composed of ninth graders who hold great promise. Coaches Cruz and Grimes have a fine combination of strategy skills and passion. These young runners will soon be bright stars!


Girls Varsity Softball

The girls are off to a strong start with a 2-0 record. It is clear to see how the gang has improved since last year. (Perhaps, some of that is due to extra practice time at the On Track Sport Center!) Coaches Logana and Josephs make a great team.


Boys Varsity Volleyball

For the first time this year, the serving Panthers are officially competing in the league. They had an exhilarating win against the Packer School, P.S.A.A. ten-year champs. Coach Durnford has done an exceptional job establishing the program and sharing his passion for volleyball.