Spring Break Service Trip to Peru

In conjunction with Rustic Pathways, a group of ten York Prep Upper School Students traveled to Peru – the Land of the Inca – for a 9-day, eye-opening community service and cultural immersion adventure near Mach Picchu in Peru’s Sacred Valley.

Giving up the chance for a relaxing spring vacation, these students instead did a terrific job of digging trenches for water tank installations. During their trip, they also established excellent relationships with local Inkan people by living in home stays, speaking Spanish and learning about Peruvian culture. While all of the students were willing and active participants in the community service, three students in particular deserve special recognition.

Lisbeth Ramirez, Joshua Triminio, and Sofia Mann worked above and beyond to assist with helping create a water system for the people of the town of Pachar, Peru. They had extraordinary stamina and determination to keep working, and they exhibited great joy while working, knowing their efforts would directly positively impact the lives of these Quechuan people. Lisbeth manned a shovel like no other; Joshua both shoveled and pick-axed, assisting as needed; and Sofia wielded a pick ax so powerfully, she actually bent the pick.

After all of their hard work, the students visited Machu Picchu, saw the impressive remains of the Inkan empire, and climbed up to La Puerta del Sol. Along the way, learning numerous facts about the land in appreciation of the Pre-Hispanic culture. The trip also included a chocolate making workshop (which was pure fun!) and traditional Peruvian cuisine. One day was even dedicated to zip-lining and rock climbing! It was a terrific experience followed by a few days spent in the ancient mountain town of Cusco sightseeing and buying a lot of souvenirs.