Spring Art Show

With the York Prep Pantherdome temporarily converted to a snazzy art gallery, Thursday, April 28, found the room filled with the works of students rsz_spring_art_show_2from both the Middle and Upper School art classes.  From printmaking to 3D design & sculpture, much of the techniques and projects perfected during class time were on display that evening. There was even a bank of computers present for the interactive display of video games created and coded by Ms. Lina Akula’s sophomore class and the Art of Animation.  The Spring Art Show replaced the “Evening of the Arts” of previous years, putting the night’s focus solely on the visual arts at York, allowing the designs and handiwork created in room 515 to take center stage.rsz_spring_art_show_1


Headmaster Mr. Stewart, Associated Head Mr. Viscusi, and art teacher Mr. Gary Schwartz were all interviewed during the show by York’s one and only video broadcasting club, WYRK. Mr. Stewart as well as Mr. Viscusi were both subjects for two major class pieces which were proudly displayed near the front of the room. The photography, paintings, collages and ceramics exhibited throughout the room drew the attention of many parents, faculty, students and their supportive friends making for a great crowd.