Students Get Pumped for Spirit Week

As the end of the school year creeps ever closer, there is nothing like a healthy dose of school spirit to keep students excited and engaged both in the classroom and out. Throughout the last week of April, kids from the sixth grade through the senior class participated in all manner of fun and games to encourage panther pride and a greater sense of community throughout the school. Beginning with Monday Madness and Team Tuesday, the students took a break from dress code as they represented their favorite colleges and sports teams each day. 

 Thanks to the abundantly pleasant spring weather, the highlight of this semester’s spirit week was a wonderful field day at Tibbett’s Brook Park on Wednesday, April 29. Arranged by the Student Government Organization (SGO) in conjunction with the Athletics Department, a “Color War” was initiated and thus the spirit of competition unleashed. Students and teachers alike enjoyed various sporting activities including kickball, hula-hooping, and tossing frisbees, before a picnic lunch.

 On Thursday, April 30, the students all gathered in the Pantherdome during the last 2 periods of the day for the Spring Talent Show. Hosted by seniors Molly Model and Lucas Mollod, the show featured a wide array of acts from students of every age including original poetry, senior boys dancing to “Uptown Funk,” singing both original and hit songs (like “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac), and even a jazz saxophone solo. 







On Friday, the final day of spirit week and the last day of school for the class of 2015, the seniors took a walk to Sugar and Plumm, a local boutique bistro and ice creamery, for the annual ice cream day. Prior to the traditional mid-morning dessert, pranks ensued as the seniors celebrated their impending graduation by removing batteries from smart board remotes and chanting songs during the breaks between periods. By the end of the week it was clear that every one is looking forward to the end of the school year, none more so than the seniors who face graduation on Wednesday, May 20 and then the transition to college in the fall.