Spanish Students Take a Break from Conjugations

Studying Spanish is more than learning a language at York Prep. On Friday, April 17, junior and senior Spanish students spent the day learning about the culture of Spanish speaking people as well. After traveling across town to the Museum of Modern Art, students found themselves immersed in the works of great Hispanic painters, sculptors, printmakers, and even architects. From one of the most famous artists of all time, Pablo Picasso, the students overserved works of modernism, cubism and collage. They went on to see dreamlike works of Catalan painter, Salvador Dali, whose pieces of surrealism, such as La persistència de la memòria, are some of the most recognizable paintings gracing the walls of the MoMA.

 This awe inspiring afternoon of museum exploration was followed by a late lunch at the Zagat rated Cuban restaurant, Guantanamera. There, students were treated to a meal and ambience so authentic, they could have been in Havana. With the sounds of salsa music in their ears, the entire group had a chance to sample customary Latin American cuisine, including delicious plates of empanadas, maduros, and pernil. With all their hard work in the classroom, none of the students were in need of any help when it came to translating the menu. 

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