Something Big’s Taking Over the Upper West Side

What’s Argentinian, 19 feet tall, 122 feet long, and currently taking up residence on the Upper West Side? It’s not a joke, but rather one of the largest dinosaurs ever uncovered. Recently excavated from the Patagonian desert region of Argentina, this species is so new that it has not even been formally named by the paleontologists who discovered it yet. Commonly referred to as the Titanosaur, this behemoth graces the halls of the American Museum of Natural History just eleven blocks from York Prep. Luckily, on Thursday, February 25 the 12th grade Ecology class got a chance to experience the wonder of this colossal giant without having to do the dirty work of trekking to South America and digging one up for themselves. 


Immediately following their first class of the day, these seniors headed to the museum ready to see something they (and most people on the planet) had never seen before, the skeleton of one of the biggest creatures to ever walk the earth (as far as we know). One of the 8-foot femurs, or thigh bones, found at the Patagonian site is among five original fossils on temporary view with The Titanosaur. While the Titanosaur exhibit has only been open since January 15, 2016, those of you interested in seeing this unbelieveable sight for yourselves need not rush, the Titanosaur will be on display until January 1, 2020!