Social Studies Superbowl XII

superbowl2016 1For the past twelve years, after the hubbub of the NFL Superbowl dies down and the parade confetti is thrown, York Prep hosts its  own annual  Superbowl among the four Upper School classes. On Monday, February 8, the freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors duked it out over a jeopardy-style assortment of social studies trivia questions. The categories of this years questions were both fun and challenging including: At the Movies, Presidential Elections, North-South-East-West, Colleges & Universities, Ancient Leaders, Flags, Which State(s), Who Did it?, and In What Year?

superbowl2016 3A week prior to the event, history teachers Mr. Michael Roper and Mr. Eric Tull announced the categories along with the team members selected to represent each grade. In the first round of questions the freshman team, consisting of Jane Crowley, Brooks Valentine, Dylan Pollak, Joelle Bensaid, and Ira Heppard serving as alternate, went head-to-head against the seniors: Max Skidelsky, Micaela Arena, Evan Torma-Rookley, Ellery Hickey, and alternate Daniel Caragiulo. 

superbowl2016 4

After the seniors took round one, sophmores Khari Derrick, Grant Paulus, Aaron Murphy, Marshall Richardson, and alternate Charlotte Anderson faced juniors Matthew Chatzinoff, Aidan Feeley, Spencer Brown, Max Nusbaum, with their alternate Isabella Ding. The winners of that match up, the juniors, then went up against the seniors in a third and final round that tested the wits of everyone in the Pantherdome. With the Physical Education Department keeping score and watching the clock, the seniors took advantage of an early lead and beat out the juniors for the coveted title of Social Studies Superbowl Champions. 

Rather than rings, the winners of York’s Superbowl are awarded with something much more valuable (at least to any history buff)…books. This year’s winners received Ardennes – 1944 by Antony Beevor, The American Odyssey of George Herbert Walker Bush by Jon Meacham, The American President by William Leuchtenburg, and Lady Bird and Lyndon: the Hidden Story of a Marraige that Made a President by Betty Boyd Carol, along with bragging rights for the rest of 2016!