Social Studies Super Bowl XI

In the wake of the unexpected finish to the NFL Superbowl XLIX, Monday, February 1, brought with it the eleventh annual Social Studies Super Bowl at York Prep. After students and faculty spent the previous night rooting for touchdowns and field goals, their vocal chords were prepped and ready for cheering on the high school students representing each grade.

In this game show styled competition, teams of four students per grade each competed to collect the most points for correctly answered questions. The questions were all on typical social studies topics like history, geography, government, and current events. There were over fifteen unique categories, including “Put in Order,” “Name and Country,” and “Only President,” which all had different levels of difficulty and point values to match. 

Though there was fierce competition, congratulations go to Matthew Chatzinoff, Spencer Brown, Aidan Feeley, Samuel Kane, and the rest of the sophomore class who won a great number of points due to their success in the “Sports” category. In keeping with the theme of the event, the winners all received copies of the New York Times bestseller Killing Patton, by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard, which recounts the death of Gen. George S. Patton in December 1945.