Social Studies Super Bowl V A Real Nail Biter

In February of every year—following that football thing—the York Prep Pantherdome is the setting for the Annual York Prep Social Studies Super Bowl. This is the fifth year of the tradition—hence, “Super Bowl V.” The high school classes square off against one another, fielding questions about History, Geography, Government, and Current Events. The questions, in three categories of difficulty (with point values to match), are posed by History teacher Michael “Walking Textbook” Roper. Some new features were added this year, including randomly hidden bonus points which could double the point value of a question, and, with the help of technology wizard Richard Abba, photographs were projected onto a large screen to be identified by students who picked the “Famous Women” category.

And so, on February 2 (we like to call it “Super Bowl Monday”), it is no exaggeration to say that the excitement in the York Prep gym rivaled the drama in Tampa the day before. First came a tense competition between the 9th and 10th Grade classes, which was neck-and-neck all the way until the “underdog” Freshmen squeaked by with a two-point victory in the final round of questions. Next was a combination upset and comeback match when the Juniors—reigning champions and the “team to beat”—were roundly defeated by the Senior class who had lost to them last year.

When the final round began, you could almost feel the audience flinch for the novice Freshmen as they doughtily went into battle against the Senior Goliaths. Imagine the suspense as we witnessed the 9th graders not only keeping pace with their elders but actually pulling ahead of them by a healthy margin at one point in the contest! After sweating a few bullets, the Seniors luckily managed to pick a question that added four bonus points to their score, and won by a mere two points over their novice rivals. We came within a frog’s hair of having a Freshman victory for the second time in our brief Super Bowl history.

Principal Chris Durnford presented the winners with bestselling books on a variety of History topics. The victors also earned bragging rights for the entire calendar year.

Mr. Roper was ably assisted by the History Department Faculty, and the official scoring and timing was covered by Physical Education coaches Barbara Hughes and Kimberly Logana.

Next year – watch out for those Sophomores!