Social Studies Super Bowl 15

Monday, February 5, just a day after the Philadelphia Eagles won the 52nd NFL Superbowl, York Prep held their own. The 15th Social Studies Superbowl, hosted by history teacher Mr. Michael Roper, brought grades 8-12 down to the Pantherdome to see each high school team go head to head. Before the competition got underway, just like any major sporting event, the rules were explained and the anthem was sung. Many might say Sarah Warshavsky’s beautiful rendition of the Star Spangled Banner rivaled Pink’s national anthem performance this past Sunday.

The Pantherdome may not be not quite the same as U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis but you’d never know from the amount of preparation that went into getting it ready. This Jeopardy-style game show competition, held in front of a live and enthusiastic audience, is one of the highlights of the school year. This time, the 17 categories created to test our competitors included: “Who Died When,” “Presidential Places,” and “Newspapers”. A few other interesting categories were “Italy Geography History,” “U.S. Politics,” “1920’s,” and “Faces in the News 2017.”

In the first round, the Freshmen faced off against the Seniors with the Seniors taking a quick lead of 14 points and easily showing their continued trend of dominance in this arena. The students in the audience cheered so robustly anyone could hear it throughout the building. Afterwards, the Juniors took round two, beating the Sophomores though they tried their best. However, in the end, the final round was a real surprise.

Congratulations go to Gabe Squitieri, Kyra Bartow, Jane Crowley, and Logan Singer, for being the first Junior class team in 14 years to win. The York Prep Social Studies Superbowl title went to the Juniors after they soundly defeated the Seniors with a score of 30 to 18! Way to go Juniors!