Sixth Graders “Meet” Artists at the Met

On a sunny Thursday, May 6, Ms. Braun, Ms. Otto, and Mr. Tull escorted the entire Sixth Grade on a walking trip through Central Park to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Besides getting fresh air and exercise, the students observed and responded to artwork and cultural artifacts representing three parts of the world to which the students had been introduced this year in both the World Languages and World Geography classes.


Already familiar with the cultures of Italy, France, and Spain, they were better able to appreciate the religious passion of Italian Renaissance painter Raphael; the French Impressionism of Monet, Gaugin, and Cezanne; and the versatility of Spanish artists Goya and El Greco.

Students entered each exhibit armed with pencils and a list of questions to prompt and focus their visual exploration. This year’s class was the most enthusiastic, the most inquisitive, the best behaved, and the “writing – est” group Mr. Tull has ever taken in the seven years’ tradition of the Met trip.


Of course, no cultural excursion through Manhattan is ever purely visual. By the time the troop had enjoyed an al frescolunch on the museum steps and hiked back to York Prep, they had been regaled by an a capella soul/blues quartet, the saxophonist under the Bethesda Fountain bridge in Central Park, and a guy in a Hawaiian shirt with a ukelele singing ragtime tunes. Just another day in New York.