Sixth Grader Composes Election-based Orchestral Piece

Sixth grader and York honor roll student Suvani Weerakkody began creating her own music at an early age and, as a pianist, has performed on stages as great as the famous Carnegie Hall. Her dedication to the craft has resulted in her composition, American Politics 2016, being performed by the New York Philharmonic on January 19 in Young People’s Concerts for Schools at Lincoln Center’s David Geffen Hall.

Suvani explained to the audience, before the piece, that her goal was to describe, in musical language, an American election to someone in Sri Lanka where her parents were born. She gives the Democrats their theme played by the double bass and cello, while the Republican theme is played by the flute and clarinet. The other instruments join in, change sides, and in the end, the flute and clarinet theme wins the “battle of the instruments.”

At the conclusion of the performance, Suvani shook hands with Maesto Gersen, the conductor, and received great applause. To quote the playbill, Suvani “is proud to be a sixth grade student at the York Preparatory School, which has given her many opportunities to pursue her interests in visual and performing arts.”

We are proud to have Suvani at York and congratulate her on this fine achievement as a youthful composer.