Sixth Grade Channels Olympian Deities

To celebrate the conclusion of a Greek mythology unit, Ms. Smith’s 6th grade English classes put together a creative presentation of the Olympian gods and goddesses. During class, each student dressed in costume as a chosen Greek deity and shared information about his or her family, special talents, skills, and traits. Participants also talked about a heroic or devious act that the god or goddess conquered.

Sixth grader Miguel was brave enough to record an interview with Zeus, which he played on his iPod touch, while Taylor donned an Artemis costume with bows and arrows. Jaxon wrote and performed a rap song about Apollo; Dylan, dressed as the messenger god Hermes, delivered envelopes to all of the “gods and goddesses.” Grace sported full armor to represent Athena, and Morgan created a colorful PowerPoint presentation with interesting facts about Aphrodite.

The students’ originality made the myths about the Olympians come to life. “Their costumes were both inventive and entertaining,” said Ms. Smith. The class sang along to songs, viewed video clips, and enthusiastically took part in the activities.