Seventh Graders Tackle the Animal Kingdom

The students of Ms. Ferrentino’s 7th grade life science class recently became biologists and teachers at the same time! In their unit focusing on animals, the students had spent a few weeks investigating the different classification of animals, specifically on the differences between vertebrate and invertebrate organisms. This seemed like the perfect opportunity for the roles to be switched and for the students to become the teachers. They were given the chance to “think like a scientist” and discover how real biologists study different groupings of animals. These students did such a good job with their research that they each became experts on the animals of their choosing… which even included sponges!


Each group was able to research their animal throughout the week and work together in creating a lesson to present to their classmates and a few teachers who had come to learn more about Kingdom Animalia. Topics ranged from Golden Finches for birds to Rainbow Trout for fish and even the Great Barrel Sponge for sponges. The 7th grade “professors” took their roles very seriously and answered all sorts of interesting questions from their peers, which allowed them to practice their presentation skills. Many new and interesting facts were learned by both students and teachers alike!