Science Teacher Nicole Grimes Earns Ph.D.

Science teacher Nicole Grimes has recently completed her doctoral studies at The Graduate Center, City University of New York. Her dissertation, entitled “Contestation and Possibilities: Experiences in the Other Urban Classrooms,” focuses on Dr. Grimes’ classroom experiences as an urban educator. The research presented in her dissertation is a response to the general lack of research in independent urban schools.

Dr. Grimes presents explorations of the culture and context of the independent urban classroom by utilizing new science methodologies like cogenerative dialogues and co-teaching. Her main focus is to consider how mainstreamed students and teachers can work together as co-researchers and co-teachers to create structures that support success in the science classroom.

Part of her dissertation has already been published in the textbook Co-teaching in International Contexts: Research and Practice (Springer, 2010). Furthermore, her research was reviewed and awarded last year by the Association for Science Teacher Education, and she received an international award for Best Manuscript in the category of “Implications of Research for Educational Practice.”

Kudos to Dr. Grimes for her impressive accomplishments, and congratulations as well for her recent appointment as Chair of York Prep’s Science Department.