School Year Starting Off Right!

Talk about starting off on the right foot. Our first full week of classes is successfully under our belts and York Prep is looking forward to a fun Fall semester and a great school year.

Already, the students have had quite a bit to get excited about. Ice cream for one thing! Starting the year with Ben & Jerry’s at new student orientations set a great tone for the first day. Beginning on a Thursday gave returning students and new students alike a chance to meet their teachers and make new friends before getting down to business.


This week classes (and homework) really got underway. But don’t worry, it hasn’t been all hard work, there were some fun and interesting things too! Wednesday brought with it the very first Town Hall meeting and our Fall sports teams have already begun competing. Also, clubs have started recruiting, including Mr. Stewart’s new German Classes and the Drama Club, which held auditions for the Fall Production.

Even the parent body has gotten active with Senior parents having attended “College Night” on Thursday, the Parents Association planning events, and everyone accessing the first Edline reports. What’s in store for next week? Who knows, but boy are we all excited for the weekend. TGIF!