School Spirit Boosted by Pep Rally

There was a spotlight circling the Pantherdome as students streamed in on the afternoon of Thursday, January 29, for the first pep rally of 2015. Music played loudly over the speakers while the members of the Student Government Organization (SGO) emceeing the event welcomed their fellow classmates from grades six through twelve. Before the festivities could truly get underway, everyone took a seat to watch a short video featuring members of the senior class. Afterwards there was uproarious cheering for the appearance of the York Prep mascot, a large bipedal dancing panther.

Students and teachers alike were dressed for the occasion, clad in the school colors with most wearing Mardi Gras style beads and the brand new “Panther Nation” t-shirts designed specifically for the event.

Both the boys and girls varsity basketball teams had home games against Garden School later in the day: the Lady Panthers winning 50-12 and the gentlemen following with their own victory of 79-31.   However, these basketball players weren’t the only athletes to get some recognition from the crowd. The winter track team, middle school basketball team and a few others were all applauded in turn for their hard work in the season thus far. 

Students from each grade enjoyed participating in a series of games including a York Prep version of Simon Says and a handful of  fun relay competitions, that included toilet paper as well as testing the free throw skills of each grade. Throughout the rally everyone in the Pantherdome had a great time building school pride and cheering on York’s athletes by chanting “I believe that we will win!” at the tops of their lungs.