School Dinner Provides Passport to World Cuisine

This year’s annual Parent’s Association International Dinner and Music Medley proved to be yet another success. Students, teachers, parents, and friends all turned out for the chance to share a meal and get to know each other just a little bit better. The promise of delicious and interesting international dishes as well as a variety of performances were enticing enough to draw quite a large crowd. On the evening of Thursday, November 12, the school gym was filled with people all enjoying a large assortment of foods. From the macaroni and cheese  prepared by PA President Judith Itkin to the pad thai prepared by Sineenad Petpinit, there was certainly something for every taste. 

Among the multitude of platters there were roast pork buns, chicken curry, a cucumber dill salad, shepard’s pie, Moroccan pastilla, and Dominican plaintains. For those with a sweet tooth to satisfy there was a non-alcoholic piña colada as well as a fair share of desserts, including gluten and dairy free options thanks to Diane Filice and Renata Kuhtz. After dessert, those in attendance had the special privilege to hear some of the many voices participating in the York Prep Performing Arts department this year. The event featured new singers like eighth grader Sophie Morris-Suzuki and freshmen Jasmine Chestner and Jane Strausman as well as a guitar solo by sophomore Mohamed Saleh. Also featured were York Prep performing arts veterans Isabella Chackman, Olivia Heskett, JessieJean Newman-Getzler, Max Nusbaum, Bennett Orenstein, Max Skidelsky, and Caroline Watters. The evening concluded with a lovely rendition of the Journey song “Separate Ways” performed by the school’s glee club. 

For another chance to enjoy the vast array of talent at York Prep, don’t miss the school’s Musical Celebration on the evening of Tuesday, November 17 or the fall production of Lend Me a Tenor this December!