Research in the Rose Reading Room

On a cloudy day like Wednesday, November 9th, there’s nothing better than cozying up to a good book. A lucky group of 9th graders can tell you the truth of that as they spent half of that day at the best place to find good books in New York City, the New York Public Library. Chaperoned by history teacher Dr. Kaczynski and school librarian Ms. Walsh, the 22 freshman had a great time visiting the The Stephen A. Schwartzman Building at 42nd Street and 5th Avenue. Commonly referred to as the “main branch,” this landmark location houses one of the world’s preeminent public resources for everything from anthropology and archaeology, to religion, sports, world history, and literature.

Upon arrival, the students were broken into teams of three for a scavenger hunt to find a particular book, putting their combined library know-how to the test.  Afterwards they learned the proper way to fill out a call slip to obtain a book from the Rose Reading Room, before using said book to complete some questions regarding the book and returning it to the librarians. It was an exercise in using the library’s vast resources to better conduct research, something that will come in very handy as they begin more in-depth school projects.


Several students expressed that they were so happy about this field trip because they now know how to obtain the information they need and will definitely be back to do research for their history papers. While it might have been a lot of hard work, one student had to admit to Ms. Walsh “I think my IQ went up about 5 points today.”