For Reading Enthusiasts Only

In typical York Prep fashion, no commencement exercise could be called complete without a little bit of tradition and whimsy. This year’s graduation included just that in the giving of “Senior Awards” to those students who excelled most in each of the academic subjects as wells as the arts and athletics. These awards are gifts to signify the recognition of each winner’s hard work and study, traditionally, given in the form of books picked out by the department heads. Jorge Luis Borges once said he “…always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library,” and indeed the collection of books assembled by these faculty members would be heaven for any one reader to own. Each of these books, whether instructional or novel, hardcover or paperback, large or small, tells a little about who selected it and who they chose it for. To see just who each of the honored recipients were and what they’ll be reading next take a look below! 

Senior Awards Collage