Prepping 9th & 10th Grade Parents

Many colleges agree that what applicants do during their summers is nearly just as important as how they perform throughout the school year. With this in mind, York Prep’s college guidance team always recommends that Upper School students get an early start on planning their summers wisely. For the parents of 9th and 10th grade students at York, this means now’s the perfect time to start considering what kinds of programs, activities or trips will be most beneficial.

On the evening of Thursday, January 19, those in attendance at the 9th and 10th Grade Parents’ College Night learned just that. Led by the Co-Directors of College Guidance Mrs. Jayme Stewart and Ms. Janet Rooney, the evening offered insight into York’s college guidance program and the application process as a whole. By and far, the most important takeaway from the night was not regarding their children’s PSAT scores but rather about encouraging them to be diligent students who use their time wisely.

To that notion, a long table was filled with brochures and catalogs for a wide array of summer programs suggested by Mrs. Stewart and Ms. Rooney. As always, anyone unable to attend can find these programs as well as much of the other information they missed on Edline. Fortunately, York hosts a Parents’ College Night for each upper school class every year, so those who continue to be a part of the York Prep community will have other opportunities to prepare for the college application process.