Pi Day Postponed for Snow Day

March 14 also known as “Pi Day” (3.14) was originally slotted as a dress down day for all students and faculty who purchased a special “Pi Day” t-shirt (the proceeds of which were designated as a donation to a childhood refugee charitable program).  Beginning on March 8, the unique t-shirt was available for purchase in the lobby before and after school at a table manned by the intrepid Mathematics Department.

The goal was to have students contribute enough to buy one of the rescue gifts from the international rescue committee website. However when the time came for everyone to pull on their t-shirts and celebrate a day of pie and mathematics, NYC schools were closed due to snow. While no one could complain over the second snow day of the school year, some did worry about what this would mean for “Pi Day.”

Luckily, in all their wisdom, administrators decided to simply postpone “Pi Day” and continue with the celebrations the next day. Other efforts to raise funds included a 2017 York Prep Pi Day Fundraiser container located in each homeroom.  The homerooms that contributed the most money (cash or coin) into the containers each chose a representative to compete in Wednesday’s pie-eating contest.  The winners of the contest got prizes for their homerooms. The high spirits of March 15 proved a few age old adages about pie-eating grins and some things being easy as pie.

According to Math Department Chair Mr. Thomas Henson, over 90 shirts were sold and combined with donations the total raised was nearly $2,000. He thanked everyone “for helping our school community support refugee education programs in embattled parts of the world.”