Pep Rally Recognizes Student Athletes and Lifts School Spirit

To recognize fall sports teams and their accomplishments in the last season, the York Prep SGO hosted another one of its spirited school-wide pep rallys.  With the secondary purpose of encouraging students to come to the basketball game that same afternoon, the entire event was perfect for boosting morale as winter sets in.

Some of the sports teams recognized were Boys Varsity Soccer, Girls Varsity Soccer, Middle School Soccer, Cross Country (both Varsity and Middle School). Each team took their turn coming to the front while their coaches said a few words. After that, a video of the basketball team was played and students were reminded to support the panthers in the Boys and Girls Varsity games against Calhoun.

The basketball presentation was followed by a dance performance by Ms. Hutchison’s classes. Dancing to old hits like Britney Spears’ Toxic and Womanizer, as well as the Bee Gees classic Staying Alive from Saturday Night Fever, they performed styles including hip hop, contemporary and even belly dancing.

Finally the rally ended with a fierce competition between students and faculty in the form of a Shootout. Three students and three faculty members went head to head, competing to make a layup, a free throw, a three point shot, and a half-court shot in the fastest time. Representing the faculty were English teacher Kate Maggiotto, Jump Start teacher Brian Shure, and Director of Technology Richard Abba. However, completing the task in just over 54 seconds, Emily Murphy, Tyler Rosegarten, and Bret Lang took the win for the students.

Later in the afternoon, the pep rally proved more than effective as the Pantherdome was crowded for both games! To keep the momentum going, some of the dancers even gave a half time performance! Way to go York!