The Paw’s Winter Issue Gives a Behind the Scenes Look

This winter issue of the York Prep School Newspaper The Paw reports on a wide range of topics with thorough coverage and excellent writing. From the supply drives for victims of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria in Texas and Puerto Rico to polls and interviews about the ethnic and religious diversity of the student body, this issue gives an in-depth account of the people at York.

Other great articles in the issue include one on the safety hazards of rolling backpacks, and another with study tips from the Jump Start directors. A new feature in the publication is a behind the scenes looks at the staff members who help keep York Prep “a safe, efficient, and clean place.”

This issue also includes an excellent sample college essay about the power of literature, an interview with math teacher Mr. Broadus, as well as features with two new teachers. Check it out for yourself here.