Field Day 2017: Panthers Enjoy New Dynamic Location

The first Wednesday in May brought with it the perfect bright and sunny weather for York’s biannual Field Day! After months of planning, students finally got to experience a day at Ivy League School and Day Camp in Smithtown. The entire school piled into coach buses with anticipation, not knowing exactly what to expect this year. The change in venue from Tibbetts Brook Park to Ivy League meant a whole slew of new activities.

Field Day 1

And boy were there activities! Middle school students took turns in the skybounce, playing theater games, and human bingo. Upper School students enjoyed driving go karts, playing hockey, and climbing rockwalls. With access to so many great fields and courts at the camp, York students had a day full of fun by moving from station to station.

Field Day 2

As always, one of the best parts of the day was around noon, when each of the different groups came together for a catered lunch. Due to the attendance of the entire school (students and faculty alike), the day helped build school spirit and unity. Eventually it was time to depart even though everyone wanted to stay as long as possible. Mr. Stewart, who has always enjoyed attending Field Day, felt “it could not have been better” and praised the new location, “it was lovely, simply lovely.”