Out Loud Spring Showcase

On Wednesday, March 16, students, teachers and parents all gathered at York for an evening of music and poetry reminiscent of a coffeehouse open mic, where talent and creativity provided more buzz than any caffeine. Student written poetry from Nieve Ferguson, Carlos Liam, Lizbeth Ramirez, Sariah Johnson, Emmanuel Demos, Dylan Brown and Daniel Arias, provided for some new vocabulary words like “voyeurism,” “physiognomy,” and “fomo.”

Like last year’s Midwinter Showcase, English teacher Mr. Ethan Pennington organized a wonderful line up of student performers. Between all the original poems, the audience also enjoyed the great voices of quite a few students who also lend their talents to other school productions like last fall’s “Lend Me a Tenor” and this coming spring’s musical “Nice Work If You Can Get It.” Duets by Sariah Johnson and Hector Serrano and Maria Rivadeneira and Jane Strausman were definite crowd-pleasers.

All and all it proved to be quite an event, with long time OutLoud club member Trevor Viscardi singing the song “Pretty Girl From Raleigh,” Jasmine Chestner singing “Bulletproof,” and Jessie Newman-Getzler “Oasis.”  Callum Kurtz even performed an original instrumental that was quite moving. Any students interested in developing their own creative voice can attend club meetings in Room 305 . All are welcome to do their part in helping Out Loud promote community through the arts at York Prep.