Orientations During the Last Days of Summer

On Tuesday, September 6, just one day before the start of classes, the new 6th, 7th and 8th grade students visited York Prep for their official orientation and they had an awesome time!  These young students had the opportunity to interact with  Middle School Dean Joyce Perley and learn about their schedules and expectations for the first days of school.  WYRK advisors Lane Choplin and Doug Dows opened up the orientation with a WYRK clip from last year to encourage the students to be a part of the group.  History teacher Eric Tull spoke about the daily planners and necessary school supplies for the start of the year.  The students were also encouraged to try performing arts by Performing Arts Chair Fiona Hutchison, who  announced auditions starting on the very first day of school.

English teacher Ethan Pennington and Director of Student Activities Stefanie Lopez instructed the middle schoolers on how to get involved in York’s various clubs and activities, telling them to keep their eyes peeled for the Clubs and Activities Fair coming up on September 20 during 6th and 7th periods.  In addition to the array of clubs already offered, there are opportunities for these new students to even charter their own clubs as long as there is interest and a faculty advisor.  Some fun icebreaker activities designed to help the students get to know each other better were led by School Therapist Evelyn Rowe-Cosentino and M.S. English Coordinator Martha Caruso.

Even Director of Technology Richard Abba and Librarian Joanne Walsh participated in the event helping all the new students sign into their individual Edline accounts. Among all of this fun and information, Director of Jump Start Brittany McKinney and Ms. Lopez held an informal writing assessment in the library.  The highlight of the event however, came at the very end when everyone enjoyed a pizza lunch and a Mister Softee treat.  All and all, it was a successful and fun day that totally got these new students off on the right foot!

Ice Cream Orientation