OMIGOD, You Guys, York’s Legally Blonde is Seriously Awesome

HI RES - Saturday Play Legally Blond by Romina Hendlin_171

It wasn’t a blockbuster hit that had people laughing out loud and gripping their seats this weekend, it was York Prep’s hilarious production of Legally Blonde. On the evenings of Thursday, April 23, through Saturday, April 25, York students, families, and friends fell out of their seats laughing in the Marjorie S. Deane Little Theater at 10 West 64th Street. From the sold out auditorium to the smiles on everyone’s faces, there was no denying that this show was simply too good to be legal. HI RES - Saturday Play Legally Blonde by Romina Hendlin_459

With a cast and crew drawing from even the sixth grade, as well as a set design class of sophomores, this production truly showed the wide range of talent amid York’s middle and high school students alike. The two seniors in the roles of Elle and Warner were perfectly cast and played against each other phenomenally well in their duet “Serious,” which was anything but. No one can deny that this show had its fair share of unexpected twists and silly surprises, including the debut of the shows two four-legged stars and the part where the entire casts broke into Irish river dance. 

HI RES - Saturday Play Legally Blonde by Romina Hendlin_498There were so many things to love about the performances given by this group of young actors, including a vivaciously tap danced personal essay, the beautiful voices in the imagined Greek (sorority) chorus of Elle’s epic tragedy of unreciprocated love, and the menacing glares of a blood thirsty Harvard law professor in a pretty sharp suit. Clearly, when it comes to fun and slightly provocative musical theater, viewers learned that York’s performers know how to put what you want right in front of you.HI RES - Saturday Play Legally Blonde by Romina Hendlin_486

One could even go so far as to call the show educational as everyone had the opportunity to learn that love is the number one reason behind all bad hair decisions, that a makeover can work magic, and that there are some undeniable mystical properties in the legendary “Bend And Snap.” At the end of each evening’s performance everyone went home having learned the very valuable lesson that being true to yourself never goes out of style, a message York Prep has surely endorsed.