Ninth Graders Take Over the Bronx Zoo

Taking a break from enzymes, mitosis, and osmosis, York’s freshmen biology students excitedly spent the whole day traversing the Bronx Zoo on Thursday, April 7. The largest metropolitan zoo in the United States, the Bronx Zoo is also among the largest in the world, renowned for its large and diverse animal collection, and its award-winning exhibitions. It comprises 265 acres of park lands and naturalistic habitats, through which the Bronx River flows. With exhibits like the African plains, aquatic bird house, the butterfly garden, and the Himalayan highlands, the Bronx zoo is an excellent place to learn more about the role of biology in the animal kingdom.


Some of the animals the students saw were the laid back Bison, the infamous tiger, the cute and cuddly red panda and even a friendly peacock who visited them during lunch. The 9th grade had a great time as they witnessed evidence of evolution among living organisms as well as the body systems as an entire unit in relationship to animals. Students were also able to have a little fun as they rode the Bug Carousel ride and dressed up as their favorite animal!