New Parents Back-to-School Session

On Tuesday, September 1, the parents of York Prep’s new students were introduced to the York administration and community at a new parents welcome reception. Adorned with name tags and prepped with all of their questions, these new parents spent just over an hour learning the ins and outs of York Prep, including who to call to report absences and when to schedule a conference with a dean or the principal.

After a brief word from the headmaster, a handful of other people took to the podium in order to introduce themselves. The associate head, director of college guidance, principal, deans, school therapist and psychologists, as well as the director of the Jump Start Program and the liaison to the Parents Association all introduced themselves and explained the roles they play within the York community. Parents who were unable to attend this informational session may refer to their students’ 2015-2016 Handbook for details on the school’s administrators, staff, and support services. Immediately following the introductions, parents, administrators, faculty members and the school’s admissions officers, Mrs. Cathy Minaudo and Ms. Elizabeth Norton, all mixed and mingled over hors d’oeuvres. 

New Parents Session 2New Parents Session 3