National Day of Silence comes to York Prep

On Friday, April 12th, York Prep’s Safe Space Club hosted the National Day of Silence in our community. This is an annual day of action to spread awareness about the effects of the bullying and harassment of LGBT+ students across America. Students across the country take a school day-long vow of silence to symbolically represent the silencing of such LGBT+ students.

This wonderful movement began in 1996 by a group of students at the University of Virginia where over 150 students participated. Just one year later 100 campuses and colleges participated. And, by 2008 over 8,000 schools (including college campuses and high schools) and hundreds of thousands of students participated. Now over 10,000 schools participate, giving the country an opportunity to stand together and “speak out” against the endemic name-calling, bullying, and harassment faced by LGBT+ students and their allies.

On Friday, the Safe Space Club handed out stickers in the lobby at the commencement of school to all students/faculty, and twenty students signed up to take a vow of silence throughout the day to stand in solidarity with the “silencing” of the LGBT+ community. The day was a great success! The club and school are so excited to host many future events just like this!