Music Teacher Wows at San Diego Fringe

As the last vestiges of summer linger in the air, memories of a vacation well spent have propelled students and teachers into the new school year. Music teacher Mr. Thomas Hodges has had his fair share of great summer memories after having spent the majority of the break in beautiful San Diego. However, rather than vacationing, his time was spent working on a song cycle, “The Things We Never Say,” which was produced at the San Diego International Fringe Festival by Breakthrough Workshop Theatre. 

Mr. Hodges, along with a talented group of artists, performed to sold out audiences and standing ovations throughout the festival. “The Things We Never Say” was listed by Pat Launer, a popular San Diego critic, as one of the “Top Five of the Fringe” of over 75 shows.  In addition to an overwhelming positive reaction from the audience the song cycle also won “Outstanding Original Score.”  As of Friday, September 18, anyone interested can purchase the cast album of “The Things We Never Say” on iTunes and Spotify, with music and lyrics by York Prep’s very own Thomas Hodges.