Moving On Up

Every spring, Headmaster Ronald Stewart, along with school administrators and the heads of each department, gathers the students of grades 6 through 11 in an assembly for the presentation of that year’s awards. This awards assembly marks the end of the academic year and includes a ceremony for the graduation of all eighth graders as they advance from middle school to upper school. Students who have achieved the necessary grade point averages for the Honor Roll and Headmaster’s List are acknowledged along with those who managed a coveted place in the National Honor Society.

Halfway through the final day of classes on Friday, May 29, everyone reported to the Pantherdome for this year’s Moving Up ceremony. After the graduating eighth graders had their procession, each department head took a turn in announcing the names of their best pupils. The young scholars who demonstrated excellence and significant improvement in the subject areas of English, reading & writing, science, history, mathematics, world languages, art, physical education, and the performing arts all received individual recognition as well as a special keepsake. By the end of this Moving Up ceremony some kids found themselves with quite the collection of York Prep award pins that they displayed with pride.


All Smiles on the Last Day of School

Towards the end of the assembly, very special awards were presented to a few of the school’s most notable and dedicated learners. The Lesley Kingham Award was given to eighth grader Cecilia Cuddy, the Ronald Klein Award to junior Trevor Viscardi, the Evan Perry Memorial Award to Haewon Lee, and the Neal Neuhaus Memorial Award also went to junior Trevor Viscardi. Anyone interested in seeing the excitement of this year’s Moving Up Ceremony for themselves can check out this video!