Moving in on the Moving Image

On Thursday, November 10 Ms. Akula’s Art of Animation class along with Mr. Viscardi’s Film Appreciation students went on a fun and informative visit to the prestigious Museum of the Moving Image located in Astoria, Queens. The guided tour took the group through exhibits of original set design concept art and models for the films Blade Runner and Silence of the Lambs, as well as exhibits of original costumes and latex masks from the films Mrs. Doubtfire, Friday the 13th: Nightmare on Elm Street and Dustin Hoffman’s 120 year old man from his performance in the wonderful film Little Big Man.


“I liked seeing how certain masks from movies were made,” said animation student Jacob Goodwillie. The students explored the stop motion animation section and created flipbooks and short clips using hands-on figures and different backgrounds the museum had on display. The students thoroughly enjoyed overdubbing Jack Black’s voice from School of Rock with their own voices in the ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement) room. “The ADR room was really cool” says Film Appreciation student, Michael Notias, “I never knew that’s how that was done.”


Luke Velez, a fellow film appreciation student, tried his hand at manipulating the underscore of several films in another interactive exhibit. “I enjoyed manipulating the scores of different films as well as their sound effects. I loved seeing the emotional effect that it had.” The students were offered free passes to return to the museum at their leisure, which they all eagerly accepted and vowed to do. “It was a captivating and enticing experience,” mused Bruno Frumkin, another film appreciation student and fan, “It gave me a look into the world of film behind the scenes. I really liked it.”