Model UN Team Garners Five Awards

Twenty-four excited high school students traveled to New Jersey on the morning of November 19 to attend Princeton University’s annual Model United Nations Conference, one of the leading high school Model UN conferences in the nation. History teacher and Model UN advisor Heather Marshall-Fleenor accompanied the York Prep team, along with teachers Sumaya Ibourk and Nicole Grimes.


Approximately 60 high schools from as close by as Princeton High School and from as far away as China and Singapore represented 192 different countries to replicate the United Nations and to simulate the annual meeting of the General Assembly, Security Council, and other specialized committees.


York Prep students represented the nations of Libya and Zimbabwe in general committees, the European Union in a specialized committee, and Leon Trotsky in an historical war game about the Russian Revolution.


Participants tackled issues like child labor, space disarmament, the dilemma of economic exclusive zones, and the threat of bioterrorism. York Prep delegates debated and negotiated their way to resolutions or solutions to these problems over the course of the four-day conference.


At the culminating awards ceremony, York walked away with several awards. Isaac Inkeles and Weston Gerlach won an award for their work representing the European Union in the Asian Regional Forum on Disaster Relief. Joshua Schoen won an award for his role as Leon Trotsky in “Reed Russia, The Rise of the Bolsheviks.” Ethan Leavitt and Alexy Abramson won awards for their work on the topic of child soldiers and HIV-AIDS as Zimbabwe in the African Union.


Our heartiest congratulations to the entire team!