Metropolitan Museum of Art 7th Grade Takeover

On October 12th, York Prep’s entire Seventh Grade walked through the lovely turning foliage of Central Park past Bethesda Fountain to visit the venerable Metropolitan Museum of Art. Once there, the teachers (Mr. Bernal, Ms. Fratta, Mr. Dows, and Mr. Weissblatt) split them into different groups.  Then, the four teams competed in a scavenger hunt that led them through the Egyptian Art wing of the museum whose collection consists of approximately 26,000 objects dating from 300,000 B.C. to the 4th century.

Based on the advance planning of Mr. Tull, the students learned about the ways of life during the Old, Middle, and New Kingdoms of Egypt. The student groups took turns visiting and observing each section of the Metropolitan Museum’s  Lila Acheson Wallace Galleries. During their turns they answered questions on topics from the advancement of tools and weapons, to the roles of women, to the importance of the Nile River in trade, to Perneb’s tomb. Scattered throughout the displays were depictions of everyday Egyptian life, with captions in ancient hieroglyphs.

Eventually, the trip ended at the magnificent Temple of Dendur in the Sackler Wing. This helped students to understand the significance of the Egyptian kings and deities, including Isis, Osiris and their son, Horus. They left with a keen knowledge of ancient Egypt. They also have a story about how they spent a morning in two of the most iconic places in New York City: Central Park and the Met.