Met Opera Rehearsal Wows 12th Graders

Being a member of Headmaster Ronald Stewart’s Senior Ethics class has unique rewards. Mr. Stewart arranged for the entire 12th grade to attend a dress rehearsal of Puccini’s La Bohème at the Metropolitan Opera on January 8. “One of the roles of any school is to expose it students to as many art forms as it can,” said Mr. Stewart.

Arriving at the Metropolitan Opera House after the four-block walk from school, the students heard a staff member explain what to expect during a working dress rehearsal, which takes place with full costume and full sets. “I liked the sets of each scene and was amazed how quickly they were able to change the sets,” said Emelia.

The seniors, already familiar with the story, followed along with translation subtitles in front of each seat. They marveled at the grandeur and energy of La Bohème; Michelle said, “I enjoyed the second act because of all the people, festivities, and animals on stage.”

The York Prep group took seats in the Grand Tier of one of the world’s foremost opera theaters. “This is an experience I will never take for granted,” said Alex. “Countless people see the opera, but very few get to sit in on a working rehearsal.”

“The singing was superb,” said Gayla. “I felt as though I were watching magic happen. Because I am an aspiring actress, watching how they prepare was very interesting and inspirational.”