Mandarin Students Explore Chinatown

Escorted by teachers Ms. Ruan, Mr. Abreu, Ms. Hersh, a special field trip started with a ride on the B train down to Grand Street. Twenty students taking Mandarin from 8th to 12th grade visited Chinatown on Thursday, March 8. Along with their teachers, thy participated in a martial arts seminar at the USA Shaolin Temple. Then, to regain their energy, the group had dim sum at the Jing Fong restaurant for lunch. This was a perfect opportunity for some students to show off their chopsticks skills while picking up their delicious spring rolls.

After lunch, the students then went to the Hong Kong supermarket for a little scavenger hunt. They received instructions to look for items like dragon fruit and chamomile and wound up finding a lot of things that they have never seen before. The last part of their assignment for the day, was to interview Shifu (the master of Kung Fu) and some people on the street in Mandarin. Once they finished recording their conversations, they all made their way back to the B train and uptown to school.