Make a Gleeful Noise

On Wednesday, May 18 the York Prep Glee Club performed an evening of music for friends, family and faculty. Songs by pop star Taylor Swift, country duo Sugarland, American rock band Journey, and British rock band Coldplay were picked by the students and rehearsed in the weeks prior. It was a moving night for all lucky enough to be present. The performers: Chloe Safra (10), Emma Benten (12), Sophie Bigar-Vann (9), Kelly Nam (10), Aryiel Cao (11) and Sophie Morris-Suzuki (8) sang with so much passion, heart and strength that when the audience was asked to sing along they couldn’t say no. According to music teacher Mr. Thomas Hodges, “these girls reminded me what the purpose of music is, to inspire and connect us all… through music we celebrate, mourn, and connect.” It was a truly moving evening for all.