Out Loud Presents Winter Showcase

As per recent tradition English teacher Mr. Ethan Pennington and the Out Loud club gathered up the brightest talents at York Prep for their biannual showcase. Much like the school musicals and publications like Genesis, the Out Loud club provides students with a valuable means to express themselves. Meeting each week after school, members of the club can play music, write poetry and even compose their own songs. The showcase gives these creative individuals the chance to share their passion and creations with the entire student body in an intimate and supportive setting.

Highlights of the evening included Jessie and Sariah’s duet performance of “Radioactive,” as well as Liza Beinus singing “God Help the Outcasts.” Several of the performances were even featured in the week’s WYRK episode and the whole show can be seen here. With the participation of music teacher Mr. Scottie Hawley and English teacher Ms. Leah Umansky, the line up for this year’s showcase was incredible:

  1. Mr. Pennington – Welcome + poems, “Her Brooklyn” + “The Shape of Us”
  2. JessieJean Newman-Getzler + Sariah Johnson – duet, “Radioactive”
  3. Andrew Vella – piano solo, “Night” from Piano Miniatures
  4. Chloe Liu – poem, “Life”
  5. Sophie Bigar-Vann + Chloe Safra –  duet, “El Universo Sobre Mi”
  6. JessieJean Newman-Getzler – song, “Waving Through a Window”
  7. Ms. Umansky – poems from her new book, “The Barbarous Century”
  8. Sophie Bigar-Vann – song, “Hallelujah”
  9. Mr. Hawley – song, “Lilac Wine”
  10. Anika McHayle-McNeish – Poem, “untitled”
  11. Liza Beinus – “God Help the Outcasts”
  12. Manny Demos – poems, “Sister Abigail 1 + 7”
  13. McKayla Martin – song, “This Is Gospel”
  14. Joelle Bensaid – song, “Will You Still Love Me?”
  15. Sariah Johnson  – original song, “Thorn + Rose”