La Pata: Celebración de hispanohablantes

Many already know of the creative talents that abound at York Prep, from the dramatic productions and glee club medleys to the art exhibitions and poetic publications. These great displays of student work and creativity do not go without notice, and indeed applause, throughout the entire school community. However, the latest issue of La Pata, York Prep’s singular foreign language magazine, should receive attention, applause, and maybe even a medal for all of the fine talent it displayed when it hit the school on Friday, May 27. Unlike other school publications, this small magazine packs the additional punch of being written entirely in SPANISH. 

Edited by juniors Isabella Ding and Haewon Lee, this magazine features beautifully written articles on different cultural elements of Spanish speaking places around the world. Pieces on flamenco dancing, food and fashion will transport you to another world and probably leave you a little hungry in the process. Do not wait to read this second edition of La Pata for yourself!