January Athletes of the Month

Zach Cohn

As an Eighth Grader, Zach Cohn, has been a tremendous player for the Middle School Boys Basketball Team. His average of 20 points per game rivals not only his teammates but all athletes throughout York Prep. This is not the only impressive aspect of his basketball game. He also has great vision on the court, becoming a prolific passer and developing team unity at practices. His leadership skills, which push the team to get better day in and day out, help to round out this January’s Male Athlete of the Month.

Sahai Stevens

Sophomore Sahai Stevens has the complete basketball game. She can shoot three pointers, drive to the basket and out-hustle all of her opponents to dive on the floor for a loose ball. She is one of the most fun and explosive players to watch on the court.  Her energy, drive and work ethic is contagious and lifts her teammate’s spirits at both practices and games. She comes to compete every day and is excited to step foot on the court. Sahai always makes those around her better and her willingness to compete makes her the Female Athlete of the Month.