It’s Time for #PantherPride

Celebrating 53 years of Wizardry, the Harlem Wizards put a different spin on show basketball. The Wizards, who deliver wildly successful events for schools and nonprofits (last season alone playing in over 400 communities across the USA), put that different spin on this week’s York Prep Pep Rally. On Tuesday, February 2, after all the students and faculty had gathered in the blue and gold festooned gymnasium, two of the show-stopping Harlem Wizards teammates made the Pantherdome their stage.  Following up an enjoyable routine from the 10th grade dance students and a short video from the Boys Varsity Basketball team, the Wizards had a crowd that was primed and ready for some jaw-dropping basketball tricks and stunts.


pep rally  stunt 020216

But rather than simply watching, York students quickly became part of the show, spinning balls on their own fingers and even heads. The comedy, audience participation, and spontaneity delivered brought the York community together with abundant cheers and laughs. 

senior girls basketball

This new spin on the York Pep Rally renewed #PantherPride and roused support for the rest of the basketball season. Needless to say, the stands were full for that afternoon’s home game and as the Girls Varsity team won their game the next day. With both the Boys Varsity and JV basketball teams deserving of congratulations on their regular season championships, it was certainly the perfect time for a bit of fun and celebrating!