Introducing the Clubs and Activities

There was a great deal of enthusiasm in the York Prep gymnasium last Friday afternoon. No, not because of a trilling sporting event (though that did happen later) but because of the Clubs and Activities Fair that took place throughout periods 6 and 7.   Every faculty member participated with the purpose of getting the York community pumped for a new year of fun clubs and meaningful activities. After getting up in front of the entire student body to represent their clubs and activities with a song, a dance, or a joke, the teachers were all applauded for their performance. Director of Student Activities Ms. Stefanie Lopez “was truly impressed by all of you that spoke as well as the students you had representing your booths.”

Since there is never enough time to sign up, homeroom teachers passed out forms on Monday morning so students could choose their top three clubs. So, whether interested in even more academics, or health and wellness, or community involvement, or learning about cultural groups, each student can choose whatever speaks to them. From the arts to zumba, there is literally something for everyone and, if a student finds the need for a new club that can be a reality too!