International Night Highlights Diversity at York

York Prep’s gym was transformed on Wednesday, November 16, into a venue filled with food and music from around the world on the occasion of the school’s Third Annual International Dinner. The evening, planned by Parents’ Event Coordinator Lisa Smith, was a wonderful display of York Prep’s school spirit. Everyone pulled together to help make the event both successful and enjoyable.

Parents and students contributed authentic food from different countries—for example, The Ackerley family brought Argentinean empanadas, the Young-Marples family served Chinese dumplings, and the Percy family shared Jamaican jerk teriyaki chicken. Attendees could also feast on Korean vegetable dumplings, Puerto Rican arroz con gandules (rice and pigeon peas), Romanian sweet potato kugel, Israeli hummus and pita chips, Japanese bubble tea, and a Latvian kasha dish.

Several events added to the festivities. Ms. Jin’s Mandarin students demonstrated how to create calligraphy. Under the direction of Drama teacher Maria Getz, 7th grade students presented a scene based on the Indian Folk tale “The Sun, the Wind and the Moon.” Music teacher Gina Costanza led the 6th grade class in the African-influenced folk song “Yonder Come Day” from the Georgia Sea Islands. The 7th and 8th Grade Chorus performed “Bonse Aba,” a song from Ghana. The upper school band, State of Mateo Rock, performed three songs that electrified the audience. The Barbershop Quartet, headed by History teacher Jack Stanley, closed the evening performances with American melodies.

A special thank you to the Upper school students volunteered their time for community service hours to set up and help
out during the event. Thank you also to members of the Parents Association, particularly Ms. Darlene Cordero, the 8th Grade Parent Representative, who dedicated her time to ensuring that the event was a success; and Ms. Dawn Iseson, Co-Chair of the Parents Association, who enthusiastically contributed her time and efforts to help set up for the event and run a raffle.