Huzzah! A Historic Moment at York Prep

Representatives of the American Revolutionary War–clothed, armed, and fully equipped to fight the good 235-year-old fight–invaded York Prep’s Gymnasium on October 27 for a presentation to 7th and 11th grade U.S. History classes.

Mr. Michael Alcock impersonated a Loyalist soldier fighting on the side of the British, Mr. Ross Kenny portrayed a colonial soldier for the American side, and Ms. Billie Powe represented a woman known as a “camp follower,” one who accompanied and lent aid to the troops.

The three lecturers—whose avocation is taking part in Revolutionary War reenactments, demonstrations, and other educational activities which make the Colonial period quite literally come to life—brought with them a trunk-load of garments, weapons, and other genuine artifacts from the 18th Century.

The visitors’ enthusiasm for the subject was matched only by the students’ insightful questions. You may have seen them (presenters and students) wearing the uniforms and clothing of the period, or you may have heard the Pantherdome resound with their cry of victory: “HUZZAH!”