How Did You Spend Your Summer?

Whether you spent the last three months of vacation on some faraway beach or hiding out from the unusually hot NYC weather, surely you managed to have some summer fun! If you stayed close to home perhaps you visited the Frieda Kahlo exhibit at the MoMA or Governor’s Ball on Randall’s Island. Whatever you did to pass the time, you’ll undoubtedly have a story or two to tell on the first day of school. It should come as no surprise that the majority of your York Prep teachers also found some fun and interesting ways to keep busy during the summer months. ASL teacher, Ms. Kate Logan, for instance, became Mrs. Kate Quinn when she got married in Ireland this June. Likewise, Jump Start teacher, Ms. Maria D’Angelo probably spent much of her break with wedding bells in the air as she made plans for her coming nuptials.

Romance aside, many teachers used the time off to travel far and wide to places like Stockholm, Sweden; Berlin, Germany; Cusco, Peru; and assorted tropical islands in the Caribbean. Others still, rather than relaxing and sight-seeing, used the time to pursue personal projects and work outside of teaching. Music teacher, Mr. Thomas Hodges is one such person and he spent the summer in San Diego where his song cycle, “The Things We Never Say” premiered at the Breakthrough Workshop Theater during the San Diego International Fringe Festival!

As exciting as all of that travel and work undoubtedly was, there are some teachers who approached the summer vacation with a simpler tact and used the nearly 90 days off to catch up on their reading. Hopefully all of you followed this example for at least a few days in order to complete two books from this year’s Summer Reading List! However, no matter what York’s students and teachers did over the summer, the school days are here and it’s time to buckle down and hit the books. Only another 279 days to go until the next summer vacation!